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About us

Natural artesian water from the rainforest of Panama.

When our founders set out to find an artesian water, they looked all over the world. Their goal was to bring a premium artesian water to discriminating consumers—one that had a unique sense of terroir, naturally-occurring minerals, and unparalleled softness. After an exhaustive search, they discovered the ultimate source in Panama—an artesian aquifer deep beneath the Açai Rainforest.

From our rainforest to you.

Our rainforest source is totally pristine—and we plan to keep it that way. We own 1000 acres of land surrounding the aquifer and work to responsibly conserve and continually renew its natural ecosystem. Over the last 7 years, we’ve planted more than 400,000 native trees, flowers, plants and shrubs with the help of the Smithsonian and ANAM (the Panama National Authority of the Environment).

Our facilities are run using renewable energy, with 60% coming from hydroelectric power. And AQUAÇAI is bottled right at the source in 100% recyclable, BPA-free PET plastic. The first human hands to touch the bottle are outside of Panama, when our premium artesian water is shipped to locations all over the world.

Supporting our community and those in need.

It's not only the environment we care about — it's people too. We’ve supported our local communities by building a bridge to help during annual floods, flying in doctors from the U.S. to provide care for local children, and making an annual investment of $100K.

We’ve also lent a hand to those in need throughout the world. Just days before Hurricane Sandy in 2012, we had shipped 40 tons of water to the NY/NJ area for our East Coast launch. But after the storm hit, we distributed that water to disaster victims instead. We donated water to relief efforts in Haiti and Japan, and will continue to share the resources we can with those who need it most.