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Best Tropical Bars For Braving an NYC Winter


It's that time of year when we start to yearn for longer days, warmer weather and golden sands. If you're like most of us, chances are you aren't getting on a plane any time soon. But that's okay. Here are three of our favorite NYC bars that make us feel like we're in warmer climes. 

Norman's Cay

Recently opened on Orchard Street, Norman's Cay has a hammerhead, a marlin, and a Cessna Skyhawk for decor. Their tropical food and drinks are deliciously classy and noteworthy for the fact that they serve lionfish: an invasive species that devastates coral reefs in the Bahamas. All of the beautiful people here make it feel like a VIP beach party, even in the middle of winter.


Just a few blocks away is an older, cheesier tropical bar. To hang with friends and play some pool, Tropical is definitely a lot of fun, especially if the line at Norman's Cay is too long. Their fish tank and drink menu may make you imagine that you're hearing the ocean not far off. That's just the sound of toilets flushing. They too have good surf shack food, which hits the spot after a couple of Mai-Tais.


Reunion is a surf bar that's exactly what you would expect if you were on vacation in Malibu, Waikiki, Montauk, or yes, even Reunion. Their 'Shark Fry' Tacos and Dodo Dogs are creative inventions that make you wish you had been burning calories in the ocean all day instead of sitting behind your desk. But that's okay, their happy hour prices are meant to make you forget. 

And when you get home after an evening of visiting one of these tropical locales in the middle of NYC, remember to drink lots of artesian water. The freshness of our NYC artesian water will get rid of any salty aftertastes that may remain from these beachy watering holes.